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Moraine Lake | Canada  by Ravi Nori


110427_M3_Jupiter35_2400_48bit_025 by nackey_1980 on Flickr.


Hawaiian Jungle
By Peter Doucette



Untitled // willgoodan

OPI Liquid Sand!

I got this in the shade Get Your Number, it’s a glitter polish with a semi-matte finish. If interested see my blog review :)

Hello yes I’m really actually 20 years old I just happen to look 12.

The upside is the possibility I’ll look 14 at 40.

Lower Yosemite Falls, Winter by (tanngrisnir3)



It was a little awkward! It was with my first boyfriend, I was 14 and him 16. We were sitting together after school, waiting for him to be picked up and me to walk to piano class. He kissed me on the cheek so I went to kiss him back, but he turned so that I ended up kissing him on the lips! Sneaky fella. I played it off like that was what I meant to have happened. Then I called my friend and told her all about it.


Found this among a mess of sketchbooks I never finished (I’m guilty of buying beautiful blank books and then letting them sit to rot). My ex and I bought this together almost three years ago. We were both into artsy stuff - me drawing, him singing, and both of us playing the piano (duets!). We were a creative couple and our gifts reflected our hobbies. Some of my favourite presents from him were his recording a cover a song I loved, and surprising me at my school (LDR) in a suit and guitar with a singing “promposal”. I can now accept it as a wonderful memory, even though it’s become hazy from trying to forget it. It was quite the grand gesture for highschool, he contacted my friends to make sure I was distracted, they helped him find an empty room to sit in, and moved all the desks to the side of the classroom. I was told my friend was having a crisis and needed help so I came bursting into the room and there he was.

The song was Lemonade by Passion. He got his friend to teach him guitar and how to play the chords. He’s a very talented singer. I haven’t listened to this song since we were done and I think it’ll remain that way. He’s the first person I’ve loved but certainly not the last. Unfortunately he’s a bit of a heartbreaker, and he cared about me until he didn’t.

As for the journal, in ways I feel like I outgrew it. I never filled very many pages, so perhaps I’ll give it to someone will appreciate it more.


Genoa - Italy (von Swapartment)

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